Pop Up Camper Canvas Repair Tips

The way that the canvas is built into a pop up camper means that replacing the whole canvas can be expensive, upwards of $1000. Therefore, if you get any holes or tears, you will want to try to fix them before they become major issues. You can easily fix a minor tear for a small amount of money. The costs of the just the supplies can be up to $20. The faster you catch the problem, the easier it will be to fix.

Supplies Needed

Many of the supplies for a pop up camper repair are similar to any other canvas that needs repair. You will need replacement canvas or patches, waterproof canvas spray, scissors, need and thread. You will also need a sealer for the seam if you end up sewing. All of these supplies, including the replacement canvas, can be purchased at a sporting goods store, especially one that specializes in camping supplies. For a pop up camper, you will also want a ruler or measuring tape, pencil and paper.

Measure and Prepare

Because a pop up canvas will remain in the camper, it can be more difficult to get your patches ready. Therefore, you will want to plan ahead, and that is why you will want a ruler, paper and pencil. Measure how big the hole or tear is, including an extra few inches so that the patches will be larger than the hole. You will want to create a square or rectangle, so measure the length and the width with extra inches in both. Write down the measurements so that you do not have to measure again.

Be Precise

You want to ensure that you create the patches to fit correctly so that you do not waste the extra canvas or end up not fixing the problem. Draw the precise measurements onto the canvas before you start cutting. Set the canvas on a table and use a ruler to ensure that you are making the patches the correct size. Next, cut the patches out of the replacement canvas. Use a good pair of scissors that will efficiently cut through the fabric.

Repair the Canvas

Now that you have the patches ready, you can begin your repair. If you are able to, sew the tear or hole. However, it may not be easy to do this depending on where it is. If you are able to sew, then add seam sealer after finishing. Most likely, you will not be able to sew so you will rely upon the adhesive and waterproof canvas spray. Put on the patches with the hole or tear in the middle of the patch. One patch will go on either side of the canvas. Apply them using the adhesive, and then spray waterproof canvas spray to ensure it is sealed. Do not get the canvas wet for 24 hours to allow everything to dry completely.

Although repairing canvas on a pop up camper is more difficult than other canvas, it can still be done easily and save you a lot of money in the process. As long as you take care and seal the patches properly, your canvas will work like new and keep all water and bugs out so you can enjoy your camping experience.